Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm not looking for what you're looking for but if I was you'd be the first to know I swear.

I'm not totally into music. I mean, I LOVE music but I'm not into it like my friend C. is. She lives for it - and makes fun of my Katy Perry obsession. But I like who I like.

Kinda like I love who I love.

The title is from this band that C. likes. It's not like, my favorite but there's something about it.

The weekend was amazing. We're figuring out a way to be together. Like, Happily Ever After stuff. Scary, wonderful.......I'm on the edge of something that will change my life forever.

WE'RE on the edge of something that will change OUR lives forever.

It involves leaving behind everything and everyone I've ever known, except for my True Love.

But isn't that the point of star-crossed lovers?

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