Thursday, August 5, 2010

Where we met.

Since I can't talk to my friends about this, I'm talking to you, Internet. Weird, I KNOW. But, there's something kinda awesome about putting it out there, knowing that you don't know who I am.

I was having a terrible day. TERRIBLE. My jeep broke down and my cell battery was D-E-A-D not to mention it was a MILLION DEGREES OUT (thanx, Texas) and I hadto walk and I was wearing my new wedges and there was NO way that way happening. So I took them off and walked barefoot so you can only imagine how melty and gross with dirty feet I was?

Basically, a MESS.

So this man stops his car and asks if that was my broke-down jeep a ways back. I say yes. He offers to give me a lift to the nearest gas station up the road but I'm not an idiot, right? He laughs when I say he could be a killer because he basically looks like someone's dad (but not, like, as old as my dad. Again, that would be gross.)

I tell him that's how killers get you! He laughs again and offers me his cell phone which I take and make a phone call.

...Part two....TOMORROW. ;)